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Birthdays signify the beginning of a joyous life for any person. Whatever be the age, birthdays are always exciting and special for every person. Hence, birthdays cannot be understated. The much-awaited day calls for a grand celebration, especially when it comes to kids. So, why not take time out of the busy schedule to celebrate it and do every bit to make it extra special for your little one? However, organizing the most amazing birthday celebration for your loved one is not an easy task. One needs to start by finding a suitable venue from a plethora of birthday restaurants.

Before you decide on a venue, make sure it fulfills a number of selection criteria, such as convenient location, venue capacity, your budget, availability of ample parking for your guests, décor, theme-based decorations, and menu options. Catering is usually what makes the birthday party a true success; so ensure the food is good.

If you are planning to celebrate your kid’s forthcoming birthday and you wish to make it a spectacular event, then selecting a unique venue like Unwind can make all the difference. Being one of the premier restaurants to celebrate birthday, Unwind caters to all birthday requirements of clients and provides personalized service. Our team at Unwind fully understands how special and valuable birthdays are for any individual and hence, we make sure that his/her birthday celebration is big, special, and extraordinary beyond expectations!

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Located in the heart of the city, Unwind is one of the best birthday party venues in Pune that is perfect for hosting any type and size of birthday celebration. We are highly experienced in organizing corporate or private birthday parties. We have solutions for most budgets and group sizes. From an indoor venue to an outdoor setting, and from plush to budget-friendly options, we have everything to offer. Be it your own or your best friend or colleague’s or any of your near and dear ones’ birthday, we work hard to make every birthday celebration a grand success!

Gift a wonderful smile and convey your heartfelt wishes to your loved one by selecting just the right theme, décor, and activities for the birthday party. Choose from our endless theme-party options and have a blast! Our creative and talented team of in-house event planners have wonderful birthday party ideas to make every celebration fun-filled and most memorable for your kid and his/her friends.

Unwind is one of the few restaurants for birthday parties that comes with a distinct setting, a lively musical ambiance, beautiful interiors, and impeccable service. We promise to host the best birthday parties for your loved ones. With elaborate decorations and cake-cutting ceremonies, birthday celebrations have never been more joyous for you and your loved ones. So, the next time you plan to host a birthday party for yourself or your near and dear ones, choose Unwind. Contact us to know more about our exclusive birthday packages and deals. We can also custom-design a birthday package to suit your special needs.